Ongoing project…

We’ve come to realize that our contributors and us at Initial have quite hectic and busy things going on at the moment and I’m declaring this as an on-going project, Initial will release a magazine and all the material shown will be published in the future of one of our publications.

One of our main editors/founder of Initial is searching for photo shoots and models to work with, this may lead to being published in the future too. If anyone is particularly interested in getting involved, contact Zach Dunn by e-mail (UK Only):

We’re simply saying that this can and hopefully will expand into an online feature to present any artistic talent, to express, show, and create work. We’ll all be chipping in to broadcast our own art, music and vision and hope that many others in the future will too. We’ll be updating constantly and hopefully everyday, as I have taken the time to think everything through about this project and is willing to push forward. For any other questions feel free to ask me (Lucy) by messaging any of our sites or simply by this e-mail:

Thank you again! Hopefully see you soon xx